The Hunter Zone

Located 1-km south-southeast of the Shalosky zone, the Hunter prospect was defined in 2001 when a 50 metre long trench was sampled with a reported 6.3 metre section returning 9.6 g/t gold. During the 2010 field season, Rhyolite collected grab samples from the trench that returned 5.37 g/t gold and 50.80 g/t gold, while a 2.5 metre channel sample returned 1.0 g/t gold. Individual rock samples collected along the Low zone returned from 0.01 g/t to 50.80 g/t gold. A total of 6 soil samples were collected over the Hunter zone yielding values from 0.003 to 0.134 ppm gold.

A 2001 diamond drill hole collared approximately 50 metres east of the Hunter trench and reportedly returned 0.8 gram gold per tonne over 4.4 metres. Field indications suggest that the mineralized target was not adequately tested by the single drill hole.

In 2011, Rhyolite tested the Hunter target with two diamond drill holes comprising 323 meters.

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